Postposition is a word that expresses spatial or temporal relations (in, under, towards, over, inside, after, before, etc). A postposition typically combines with a noun or pronoun and comes after them.

Altai language has a large number of postpositions, which are used in the same way as prepositions in English. Which postposition you can use depends on the noun’s case.
Look at the chart of postpositions

Postposition Meaning Case it goes with Examples
ӧрӧ up With Nominative case
Accusat case
Олор јолды ӧрӧ чыкты
They went up the street
тӧмӧн down With Accusat case Уулдар кырды тӧмӧн тушти
The boys descended from the hill
јуук about
more or less
With Dative case Меге беженге јуук акча керек
I need around fifty roubles
кожо With,
With Instumental
Бисле кожо
Together with us
јаар towards With Nominative case Олор талай јаар барды
They went seaward
даан/ доон/ деен/ дӧӧн to, towards Nominative case Мен слер деен барарым
I will go to your place
учун for the sake of, behalf With
Nominative case
Кудай учун јаманымды ташта
For God’s sake forgive me
ала Since, from Ablative case Таҥэртеннеҥ ала эҥирге јетире
From morning till evening
јетире till , up to,
as far as
With Dative case Эртенге јетире
Till tomorrow
ичинде Inside, in With Genitive case Кайырчактыҥ ичинде
Inside the box
керегинде about, of With Nominative  case Алтай керегинде
About Altai
ажыра Through, over, across With Nominative case Мен акчаны банк ажыра ийдим
I sent the money through a bank
кечире Across With Nominative case Јол кечире јӱгӱр
Run across the street
Cуу кечире јурт бар
There is a village over the river
ӧткӱре through With Nominative case Кӧзнӧк ӧткӱре
Through the window
бажында 1.After, later
2.in (time)
With Genitive case Эки јылдыҥ бажында келерим
I will come in two years
Бир частыҥ бажында ажу болор
In an hour there will be a pass
бери 1.Since, from,
2.Not sooner than
With Ablative case Јайдаҥ бери Since summer
Кӱрдеҥ бери мен атту келдим
I came on horse from the bridge
Эки кӱннеҥ бери бурулбазым
It will be two day before I come back
кӧро as compared to With Dative case Бӱгӱнге кӧрӧ кече соок болгон
Yesterday it was colder than today
алдында under,
With Genitive case Орынныҥ алдында ийт бар
There is a dog under the bed
Ажанардыҥ алдында эм ичерим
Before a meal I’ll take a medicine
алдынаҥ from under
from bellow
With Genitive case Бу бичикти орынныҥ алдынаҥ таптым
I found this book from under the bed
кийнинде 1.after
2. behind
With Genitive case Обедтыҥ кийнинде After lunch
Тураныҥ кийнинде одын бар
Behind the house there is a firewood
јанында a place near With Genitive case Mениҥ айлымныҥ јанында
Near my house
сайын every (week/year)
each …years
With Nominative case Ай сайын
Every month
тужында/тушта During With Nominative case Ол јиит тужында
When he was young
Байрам тужында
During the festival
ортодо Among, in the midst of With Nominative case Кожоҥчылар ортодо маргаан
The contest among the singers
ортозында/ аразында In the middle of, inside With Genitive case Кӧлдиҥ ортозында ортолык бар
There is an islet in the middle of the lake
ортозынаҥ /аразынаҥ among, from the inside With Genitive case Агаштардыҥ ортозынаҥ айу чыгып келди
A bear came out from among the trees
болуп 1.For smb.’s good,
For one’s sake
2. for
With Dative case 1.Мен cеге болуп бери келдим
I came here for your sake
2.Oл бичикке болуп келген
He came for the book
ӱстине On, on top, upon With Genitive case Таштыҥ ӱстине отурба
Don’t sit on the stone
ӱстиле Over With Genitive case Тоштыҥ ӱстиле Overice
Куш сӱмердиҥ ӱстиле учуп јаткан
The bird was flying over the peak
ӱстинде on With Genitive case Тактаныҥ ӱстинде чамча јаткан
There was a shirt on the chair
ӱстинеҥ From above,
From the top
With Genitive case Тураныҥ ӱстинеҥ тӱш
Come down from the roof
ичинеҥ From the inside With Genitive case Кайырчактыҥ ичинеҥ
From inside the box
чылап, чилеп Does like
Acts as
With nominative case Мен сен чилеп јурап билерим
I can draw like you do
Койон чылап коркыба
Don’t be afraid like a hare
одожында Opposite
Across from
With Genitive case Эмчиликтиҥ одожында
Across from the hospital