The first mound with a height of 2 meters and a diameter of 40 meters containing the permafrost was discovered in Katanda. The ice lense has preserved a variety of unique articles from textile, leather and wood. Under the multiple layers of logs there was discovered a hewed log cabin with double walls and double ceiling. The logs were set almost according to the modern construction technologies. This kurgan contained unique items of clothing from sable and ermine fur preserved in a good condition. A fur coat, the sleeves of which were painted in different colors (green, yellow and brown) had a flaky design. Besides this original decor, the coat was decorated with a buckle carved from wood and covered with golden foil. Artistic design of this coat shows the high technology and art specific for its time. There is also famous long-tailed coat from Katanda and felt carpet with colored appliques, and wooden carved decorations in golden foil, made in Scythian-Siberian animal style. All these findings demonstrate surprising for its time jewelry craftsmanship of Pazyryk society.